Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping + A CONTEST!!!

I went wedding dress shopping last week. No, not for an actual wedding dress. Just for a dress to wear to a wedding. This shopping trip felt a little bit more emotional for me than my usual dressing room drama, mainly because the wedding was for a friend that we went to school with (basically making this a mini high school reunion.) I've said it before, but it still holds true: I need to go shopping more often. Trying on clothes is such an enormous motivation for me to stick to my diet & exercise plan. There were several outfits that looked amazing on the mannequin and then didn't look as great when my curves were inserted into them.

Not everybody knows this, but my husband is my best shopping partner. He has better taste than me and he tells me the truth. Usually, I gravitate to my "safe" items. He scopes out the stuff that I wouldn't ordinarily try on and convinces me to "just try it" and that's typically the stuff that looks the best. When it doesn't he (kindly) says, "Nope, not the right shade of red after all" or "That skirt would look better if it were just an inch and a half or so longer." So, imagine my shock when he tried to tell me that I should go sleeveless! Had he lost his gift? Did he not realize that I had in fact inherited my grandma's arms as my father had warned him? (Thanks, Dad...) There was no way that I was going to face people from high school that I hadn't seen in a decade with flipping cellulite looking flab on my upper arms showing!

Well, turns out that's not true. No way turned into "OKay, fine. Whatever." The little black number flattered EVERYTHING but my arms. That's a fair trade off, right? I almost forgot about my arms too (that is until we were out on the dance floor and the song changed to YMCA and I attempted to do the motions until I got scared that my arm flab swinging around was causing too much air current...) So, now, once again motivated... I want to know two things:

#1. What is your favorite way to tone your arms?

#2. Share your favorite healthy recipe for weight loss!

I'll leave this open for two weeks and then choose my favorite suggestion from both of those. The winner & their exercise / recipe will be put on the side bar for the world to see. (Okay, the 4 or 5 readers, but I can pretend it's the world, can't I?)


M said...

LOL!! I liked how you ended the entry!

While I have no recipes for you...I can make some suggestions :)

Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. If you have Comcast and On Demand you dont even have to buy the DVD, its on there for free. But if you do have to buy it, its completely worth it! You will curse the day you were born for about 40 minutes. But so far, Ive done it 3 times and only using 5lb weights but Im already seeing a difference in my arms! And youll tone up other places too...check out for reviews.

My other suggestion is the Abs Diet for Women book.

J. Baxter said...

Usually people refuse to take my recipe suggestions, because they usually revolve around things like popcorn and asparagus.

My favorite way to tone my arms is a secret I will share if I ever get them toned.

nikkicrumpet said...

Well since Jello was named after my arm flab...I'm in no position to tell you secrets...but I will say I got a big kick out of this post. And I love that your hubby has such a good eye for what works for you....what an asset to have around!

ericwa said...

Try going to

Bee said...

dont have anything about exercise... and dotn really have a recipe... but do tips count?

My favourite tip is herbal tea.
Seriously. You can get some really sweet ones like blackcurrent and apple which kill sweet cravings, ones with ginger in them will make you feel warmer, Pomegranate and Grape is good chilled, Camomile helps you sleep.
And finally, my favorite tea is Green Tea. 3 cups a day can speed up your metabolic rate as much as 500kJ (about 110 calories). Green tea should be made with water at about 80C, or you can burn the leaves, making it taste sour and should be drunk hot for full benefits.

Also, does anyone want to visit my ramblings about my war with the fully body fat suit I am currently rocking? I am at if you want to drop by :)

Melissa said...

I have no ideas for you because nothing on my body is toned. I do, however, have a husband (ex-husband) that is my shopping buddy too. He hasn't learned to be quite as honest as yours yet, but I hope he does soon!

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